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Answers With Joe Podcast

Oct 10, 2019

Andy Weir, bestselling author of The Martian and Artemis, sits down with me to talk about all kinds of things, including the creative process, the importance of mental health, and of course, Mars.

Jun 12, 2018

Pamela Newenham is the co-founder of GirlCrew, a social media app designed to help women connect in the real world. Here we talk about how GirlCrew came to be (through Tinder of all places), the importance of connecting with people face-to-face, and the power and perils of being an entrepreneur.

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May 28, 2018

I recently traveled to Palm Springs and got a chance to hang out with Ben Sullins, who brought his Model 3 with him - and I got a chance to drive it!

Ben's channel, Teslanomics, talks about Tesla from a data science standpoint. It's a great source of Tesla news that cuts through all the hype. Find his channel here: 

May 21, 2018

On the YouTube channel today, I am releasing an often-requested video on Rocket Lab, the New Zealand private launch company that's focusing on small, disposable rockets to serve the growing cubsat and micro satellite industry. And for the video, CEO Peter Beck was kind enough to spend some time talking with me about his...

Apr 23, 2018

John Cook founded the website, where he has compiled a list of the most repeated climate change denial arguments and shows the science behind the myths. Along the way, he gained a PhD in Psychology and studies why people refuse to believe scientific truths.

Here, we talk about the science of climate...